Men's leather cap 9908-25-4447

product code: 9908-25-4447 brown 57
Men's cap made of 100% natural leather. The cap has a back and top that can be folded down on the ears and neck. The fur on the neck and ears is made of artificial material. The flaps can be closed at the top or below the neck with two buttons. Inside the cap is a faux fur lining. The size is rather smaller, so we recommend buying a larger size.



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Our caps made of natural leather are designed to fit your head perfectly and you can use them during the day in any circumstances. The sweat strap or lining, which wicks away sweat and lets the skin breathe, ensures comfort while wearing the cap. Special caps can also have ear flaps and similar gadgets for the most comfortable use.

The overall design and functionality of each cap is designed for everyday wear in the city, but also in nature and the like.


Cannot be cleaned.

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Size 57, 56
Colour brown
Season autumn/winter
Material 100 % kůže
Decorating without decoration