Leather hat 1026BR

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Cowhide leather hat. The leather used is waterproof and impregnated against ultraviolet radiation, so it simply does not fade. Overall, the hat is very light. Made in Australia.

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The type of Australian hats originated in Australia. Where during the day the temperatures reach 40 C and in the evening it can freeze again. They are used to produce locally available materials. Thanks to the production of natural materials, the hats have very good properties and will withstand rough handling for a long time.

In our offer we proudly offer Australian hats brand Barmah . These hats are made up and made right in Australia. It offers the highest quality material and workmanship. Their hats undergo various innovations such as sun protection 50+. The hard and rough leather of the hats is weather resistant, Dri-Hide water protection and color fastness of the material.

Australian hats are made of crocodile leather, kangaroo leather and cowhide. Summer versions are made of coarse cotton. The hats are decorated with decorative ribbons, ornaments and motifs.

These hats can be very easily folded and hidden in the enclosed bag that comes with the hat. When pulled out, the hat disintegrates back to its original state. As a warning, the hat cannot be stored this way for a long time.

How to clean and take care of an Australian hat.

With a little care, the hat will provide you with a service for many years. Do not expose the hat to extreme heat or temperature fluctuations. The skin can be treated with shoe products. Wipe off any dust lightly. For small stains, use a sponge, warm water and detergent. It is not recommended to wash the hat.

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JIndřich Hána
3. 3. 2023

Size M
Colour brown
Season Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn
Material 100 % kůže
Decorating Leather belt