Women's festive hat 10043

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Summer hat for festive occasions in a combination of two colors. Made of natural Sisal straw. The hat has the brim folded down. The decoration is a two-colored bow around the perimeter of the hat and a flower complemented by pearls. On the inside, the hat is equipped with a sweatband, in which it is a tunnel with a rubber band for retraction, so the hat can be adjusted to a smaller size.



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Sisal semi-finished products are made from sisal straw growing in the Philippines. They are in demand because of the very fine bond that weaves into the cross to create a uniform look.

Sisal straw is usually woven by hand into the shape of a hat blank. It is then shaped, painted, finished with an edge and decorated into the final shape, form.

It excels in softness and lightness. During production, it is easily woven twice to make it strong and look uniform.

The sisal straw used in the production of hats is 100% natural. It can be used indefinitely, so natural straw, as a material, can therefore be understood as a natural renewable resource.

Maintenance and handling of the straw hat

As you probably know, straw is a fragile material, so it is necessary to handle the hat so that the material is not stressed. Each stronger repeated pressing of the hat can lead to breaking of the stalks. Repeated firm compression of the material with the fingers in the front of the hat during putting on or taking off also leads to damage.

Do not expose the straw hat to high humidity. At high humidity, the hat loses its original shape.

Cannot be cleaned.

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Size 56
Colour pink
Season spring/summer
Material 100 % přírodní sláma fibra
Decorating flower, decoration