Dámská kšiltovka 217942HH


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Dámská kšiltovka 217942HH má uvnitř potní pásek a flísovou podšívku. Kšiltovku zdobí pásek a knoflíky námořnického stylu. Vzadu je všita elastická gumička.


Jak změřit velikost hlavy The easiest way to figure out the size of the head is to measure it with a tailor's meter. Always measure your head over your ears, where you want to wear your hat. Repeat the measurement several times, around the widest part of the head. Do not tighten the meter too much.

If you hit between two numbers (such as 56.5 cm) when you measure, always order a larger hat (in our case, size 57).

If the size of the product is universal, it is suitable for head sizes from 56 cm to 60 cm.

The size designation S, M, L, XL corresponds to the following sizes: S 54-55, M 56-57, L 58-59, XL 60-61.

Material 65 % polyester, 22 % vlna, 13 % viskóza. Podšívka 100 % bavlna
Size černá 58, šedá 56,58
Women's sizes 56 58