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Women's wool cap with floral ornament.



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In the production of the cap, modern technology is used, which enables the processing of wool into a very fine form, which is then pleasant, soft and smooth.

Due to their flexibility, wool fiber caps do not adhere closely to human skin with their entire surface, which allows you to create another insulating layer of air. In direct contact with the human body, wool gives the impression of warmth and coziness.

Due to its cellular structure, wool is very hygroscopic, ie it has the ability to absorb and retain a large amount of moisture absorbed from the environment, thanks to which wool products perfectly absorb human sweat. The wool fiber absorbs moisture weighing 30% of its dry state. Synthetic fibers absorb moisture only to the extent of 5% under the same conditions. The wool hat will remain breathable and will not get cold, even if you sweat during physical activity.

The amount of air contained in the fibers does not change during the use of the products, therefore, due to their flexibility, they are not subject to permanent deformations. The wool hat is very flexible. Separately, one wool fiber can be bent more than 20,000 times without breaking. Its flexibility and high resistance in sheep wool products is resistant to wear, abrasion and tearing.

Sheep, from which sheep's wool is obtained and subsequently processed, are bred all over the world. It can be used indefinitely, so sheep's wool, as a material, can therefore be understood as a natural renewable resource.

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Size 56
Colour black, green, grey, pink
Season autumn/winter
Material 100 % vlna
Decorating decoration