Women's cap Azava-AT3

product code: Azava-AT3 oldpink C540
Women's cotton cap in a universal size, decorated with a flower application and layered material. The cap has an elastic band sewn on the back. And the material is folded into a fan. The cap is made of double material.



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The cap is well made with a large proportion of handwork. It is sewn from a higher weight knitwear, so your hat will be comfortable to wear and will be pleasant and firm to the touch.

Each pattern in the collection has an original and fashionable design consisting of shiny stones, stitching, bows and flowers.

Washing and maintenance

The cap can be washed by hand or on a gentle cycle. Squeeze it at low speed and then let it dry freely (it cannot be dried in the dryer). Finally, the cap can be ironed and can keep you happy.

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Size universal
Colour blue, pink, grey, black
Material 96 % bavlna, 4 % elastan
Decorating flower, decoration